I think Codart’s named their project “Incubator” because it is a project formed and developed for the specific area where students can create and perform the assignment they were given.  The Incubator project to me it seems like a space designed  to help startup a project and succeed with the help of professional people. It is really good for those who want to put their creativity to test, having a different vision.

I am really positive when it comes to work with other disciplines. You have the chance to learn different concepts, music theatre, dance, disciplines. You have the chance to learn from many perspectives. It’s better knowing a bit of everything instead of remaining in your own bubble, that way you can expand your knowledges. Groups that work well together can achieve much more than individuals working on their own. A broader range of skills can be applied to practical activities and sharing and discussing ideas can play a pivotal role in deepening your understanding of a particular subject area. Being part of a team can help me develop my skills such as speaking and listening as well as team working skills such as leadership, and working with and motivating others. Some of these ideas can be useful throughout my academic career.

If I had the chance to create my own project I would probably choose making an evening performance dedicated to the music from the 80s. I would enjoy if blues and jazz could be the music genre played and dancers could improvise over a jazz tune. 

The stage could be placed in the middle of the hall surrounded by some greenery and some light show. And the players and dancers should wear clothes reflecting that specific time period. Cooperating with other peoples playing and other people’s creative process is something that really tests your resistance.

I would really enjoy to be part one of Codarts projects. Collaborating with others will help me identify my own strengths and weaknesses, testing my social skills and patience and learning from different point of view.