My interest in music began at the age of 12 when I started taking guitar lessons. Following my years of study, at the age of 15 I was successfully admitted to the music high school of Cluj-Napoca where I studied classical guitar. I had the possibility to perform on local TV and Radio stations and had the opportunity to play at the Harmonia Cordis International Guitar Festival and learn form the best players. Now, in my last year of high school I started taking jazz guitar lessons with a very respected guitar player in Romania, Alex Man, teacher at the conservatory of Bucharest. I am very interested in studying jazz music and learning in depth. I am always fascinated when I go to jazz festivals. Listening to great players has motivated me to learn jazz. 

I am interested in how professional musicians think on the instrument and working with other people. Being able to understand my instrument and express myself freely is a very important task that I want to complete. The ability to connect creativity with the instrument is very important in jazz, I realised that when I tried to improvise over my chord progressions. My love for jazz music has driven me to take the decision to apply to Codarts for learning and expanding my passion.

What I seek from Codarts is to dive deep into music and working with other musicians that I can learn a lot from, collaborating on interesting projects and making connections. I want to be a part of one of Codarts ensembles, performing and even composing and playing my original songs. I don’t see myself elsewhere but Codarts.

I am a hard worker, optimistic person and I have been preparing myself to meet the requirements to be admitted at Codarts. I am looking forward to developing my passion and having a great studying experience. I am ready to become a professional musician and i hope I will be given the opportunity to study at your University.